About Distributor to Industry Structural Bonding Solution and Oil Drilling Rig Air Valves

What is the Distributor to Industry, Inc. Structural Bonding Solution?

We study the product you manufacture to uncover potential cost savings, aesthetic improvements, enhanced structural integrity, and many other potential benefits offered by the very latest in adhesives and bonding technology.

Our recommendations on adhesives or sealants offer a complete solution that may include MMD (meter mix dispense) equipment, and clamping or positioning fixtures. With 40 years of experience as a full line fluid power distributor, we are uniquely qualified to help implement manual or automated fixturing. Robotic adhesive application can add further cost advantage for our customers.

Unlike mechanical fasteners or welding, adhesives actually improve structural dynamics. The strong bonds are created faster and with less expense than welds, bolts, and rivets.

Structural integrity is enhanced by eliminating or reducing fatigue at contact points, uniformly distributing loads over an entire bond line. Adhesives make products less susceptible to sudden damaging loads by cushioning to reduce vibration, improve impact resistance, and creating a moisture barrier. The properly selected adhesive will also resist harsh environmental extremes and corrosives.

Our metal bonding adhesives have helped reduce or eliminate fasteners, removed labor steps, and improved aesthetics on many fabricated metal products: Structural metal adhesive bonding for electrical enclosures, bonding with aluminum adhesive and steel adhesive for cabinets, bonding metal adhesive for doors and drawers, bonding ATM kiosks, bonding metal adhesive for divider panels, bonding metal adhesive for metal office furniture, bonding metal adhesive for oilfield doghouses.

Why Choose DTI

DTI sells solutions; focused, specific, metal fabricating and structural bonding solutions for many different substrates. Most of the companies we work with have never bonded before, come join us in the future of fabricating and product assembly.

We listen.

After over 40 years of supplying industry equipment and systems we have come to realize that our customers and prospects want and need to be able to make one call when they have concerns, regardless of whether it involves adhesives or the application equipment.

Drilling Industry: Why order from us?

40 years of experience in oil field drilling rig air valves

We ship worldwide to jobbers, supply houses, OEM and rig operators. Having served the oil drilling rig, workover rig and oil well pulling unit industries for over 40 years, DTI understands what parts and repair kits are necessary to keep pneumatic control systems running. We are not merely stepping in at an opportune time for the oil industry, but have been meeting the industry’s needs for years. DTI carries all Bosch-Rexroth (originally known as WABCO) directional and pressure control air valves for rotary drilling rigs, workover rigs and pulling units.

Keeping rigs running

DTI’s major focus is providing control valves for drilling and workover rigs. Our staff has been solving oil field air valve and actuator circuit problems for drilling operators, rig builders and well service personnel for 40 years. We can consult with you to ensure you are getting the valve or actuator necessary for the application. From throttle actuators and brake control valves to valves for engaging and disengaging clutches, we know which valves will keep your rigs running.

Parts readily available

DTI maintains a complete stock of type “A” PILOTAIR pneumatic air valves, type “H” CONROLAIR valves and A-2-H Actuators. We have seen lead times for ordering these items from other vendors go for as long as 16-18 weeks. DTI has solved the problem of lengthy lead times by ordering our inventory over a year ahead of time to ensure that we have stock at the time that you need it. Virtually all valves and the repair kits to service these valves are currently in stock in sizable quantities.

Oil Drilling Rig Air Valves

To manage around the long lead times from Bosch-Rexroth (formerly WABCO) DTI has brought in much more inventory to better serve our worldwide customer base.

The oil patch is a volatile marketplace, with rapid and dramatic swings in crude oil prices.

Drilling rig owners and operators, and Oilfield well service rig operators have a tough go of it. Managing crews, keeping good trained help, transporting rigs, and maintaining the drilling and workover rigs can be incredibly challenging. When the air valves that control the clutches, throttles, and brakes on the drawworks need to be repaired or replaced…who can wait 12 to 18 weeks to get repair kits or new valves?? Certainly not customers of Distributor to Industry, Inc…and they don’t need to. We have a large inventory of Bosch-Rexroth H Controlair valves, A Pilotair valves, shuttle valves, quick release valves, and relayair valves.

DTI has been a specialist in these pneumatic directional and pressure control valves since the 1970’s era. We have seen many upturns and downturns in the oilfield, and we are prepared for the upturn that is bound to happen starting any day now. Oil prices are rising, and the economy is finally ready to support renewed drilling efforts. As the price at the pump goes up again for gasoline, well service rigs will be called to action to ready existing wells for new production levels. Oilfield supply houses and jobbers will be looking for a source of these valves to take care of their customers, and exporters of oilfield equipment will need immediate delivery.

Our experienced staff can identify what valves or replacement parts are needed to get your drawworks back in to action. TRY DTI…and you will be a valued customer for many years.

Call 1. 800.835.2838 today so we can ship you what you need the same day you order it.

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