Pneumatic powered components, pumps & fluid handling systems

Humor me… read through these statements and see if this has ever happened to you.

“All I can tell you Mr. —your name here— is that our adhesive/ sealant/ coating, has always worked before on stuff like this.” OR maybe you’ve heard “You must have a problem with your sprayer/ pump/ meter mix dispense system, it’s not OUR problem.”

SO then you call the equipment guy…. “Well the equipment checks out fine, either the adhesive/ sealant/ coating formula has changed, you have improper fixturing, or your guys are not using it right… you’ll have to look somewhere else for the answer.”

SO then you talk to your staff, looking for ideas……….

“We need a better way of positioning the parts and holding them there to get faster cycle times and higher quality parts……”

After over 40 years of supplying pneumatic powered components, pumps, and systems we have come to realize that our customers and prospects want and need someone that can provide a complete solution to their adhesive and sealing applications. They want to be able to make one call when they have concerns, regardless of whether it involves the adhesive itself or the application equipment.

As an authorized distributor for Graco, a world leader in fluid handling systems since 1926, we can provide equipment that pumps, meters, mixes and applies a tremendous variety of fluids. From hot melt systems to airless or air spray application to extrusion pumps for urethanes, silicones, and two part adhesives, Graco has more to offer than any other company. Graco air powered piston pumps and double diaphragm pumps are the starting point of any sealant, adhesive, or coating application. And of course Graco has the highest quality spray guns and heads as well as static mixers and flow guns to complete the package.

The product that is dispensed is driven by the unique needs of your organization and your product. We represent several prominent manufacturers of sealant and adhesive materials. Our stocking warehouses can maintain the critical high quality products to keep your operation under way.

Lord Adhesives, a leader in structural bonding adhesives, has provided solutions to auto, truck, bus, trailer, and aerospace manufacturers since the 1920’s. Lord includes a broad array of acrylics, epoxies, urethanes, and cyanoacrylates in their product line. Bostik, for 100 years a pioneer in hot melt adhesives, liquid adhesives and urethanes as well as many specialty products like Never-seez, offers additional sealing and adhesive solutions.

Let us show you how DTI can provide a complete solution, not just a product.